Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello everyone...my name is Loki.  I am a basenji/shepherd mix and this past week my mom has been telling you about my step-sister Jessie.  Mom has been missing her a lot.  It's only been one day, but if nothing else, it's quiet.  So, anyway, since mom wrote about Jessie, I think it's time you heard about me.
I was 6 months old when mom adopted me.  I'm originally from Indiana, but I didn't have a home and someone found me and turned me into doggie jail.  They transferred me to a doggie jail in Illinois and I'm so glad they did, cuz I wouldn't have found my mom otherwise.  I was nothing but skin and bones, you could see my ribs!  I kinda walked with a limp to.  I remember when I first saw my mom.  She was sitting in a chair and one of the "keepers of the jail" brought me in to her.  I looked at her and walked right over and put my head on her lap.  I knew she was going to be my new mom...I just knew it!!  She didn't mind that I was skinny and walked with a limp.  She wanted me anyway.  I love her and I never want to be away from her.  She brought me home and I met my dad and my step-sister Jessie.  (Jessie is a cat but I guess I like her anyway.  I like to pounce at her...she used to be scared of me, but I don't scare her anymore...kinda takes the fun outta pouncing).  Mom had to take me to the vet to see why I was limping...turns out I had a broken pelvis.  Hmmm...I'm thinking it might have been that big car that hit me when I was living on the streets in Indiana.  The vet gave me some pills to take whenever it gets bad, but it's been a year now and has seemed to heal just fine.  The vet said I look really good now.  I only weighed 22 pounds when I met mom and dad, but now I weigh 45 pounds!!  I have lots and lots of friends to.  Mom takes me to daycare everyday.  She can't leave me alone because I get anxiety attacks and can be very destructive.  I don't mean to, but I'm so scared I'm never going to see mom again and I get scared and sometimes angry...but only because I'm scared.  I would never hurt anyone!!  But, I have a tendency to wreak havoc on a house.  I have to take tranquilizers when it gets really bad.  I am smart though.  I'm what is called "an escape artist".  I heard mom and dad talking one day.  They kept building these walls...higher and higher, and I was always able to get out.  They said it was the basenji part of me.  I guess I'm a little odd...I kind of yodel instead of bark.  (Although, I have barked on occasion...that's the german shepherd part of me).  Dad says I sound like a "woman being strangled" and I can get really loud.  Dad had to call the police one day to let them know that there was no one being killed in our house (just in case the neighbors thought so).  I think it sounds beautiful, but apparently I'm the only one.  I'm also a very good dog.  Or at least I try to be.  One time, I had only been with mom for about a month.  We had gone to a store and dad was taking a little longer than we thought he would so mom decided to take me for a short walk in the grass outside of the parking lot.  She opened the car door and I jumped out and took off before she could get the leash on me.  I heard her yell, but I thought it was a game.  I turned around and saw mom laying on the ground.  I don't think that was a game.  I ran back to her and saw her hands bleeding.  I licked her face to make her feel better.  I don't jump out of the car anymore unless I get permission first.  I don't want mom to get hurt anymore. 

Anyway, that's my story.  Jessie will be home in a couple of days and I'm going to try and pounce at her again.  See if she missed me.  :-)  


  1. I grew up with a full blood Besanji...wow, those dogs are hyper and great pets. Good luck with Loki; sounds like a fun mix

  2. The picture of you "praying" is wonderful! Bet you were saying thank you for your good home.

    That is Loki isn't it Mom?

  3. Thanks DeanO...we need all the luck we can get. :-)

    Merikay...no that isn't Loki. It's just a picture I found that was so cute. Loki is the one with the bird Harley and the one with her sticking her tongue out. I wish I could get Loki to do that...hmm...I'm gonna have to work on it. :-)

  4. Loki, Erik and Ronda are lucky to have found you. You sound like a real sweet and wonderful dog. It must have been scary being lost and hurt. Now you have a great family that loves you very much. It was nice getting to know you a little better.

  5. Awww Loki you sound like a lucky dog!
    Just thought I'd mention a couple of words you may like!
    Love Di ♥

  6. I love me some dogs! I have a dog that I turned into a cat (via some enthusiastic hair clipping) Glad I found your blog!

  7. Hi Loki!

    My name is Heathcliff - I'm Desiree's rescued Alpha male and you can meet me over at her blog Driftwood Ramblings. I see your Mom has recently joined as a follower, so it should be easy for you to log on and find me in the archives.

    Anyway, I am so pleased to have met you - your story is worse than mine, but, as with me, you also had a happy ending (or is it beginning?)

    We're currently raising Romeo, a 4.5 month old rescue pup that belongs to my human sister. Desiree is helping her with the pup at the moment. He's too cute and I'm teaching him everything I know. I also have a much older sister, Bonny (11 year old GSD) and a younger brother, Toby (GSD, 11 months old). I'm coming up 6, BTW.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more from you - my suggestion: ask your Mom to find you a canine sister, to keep you company. I can guarantee it will help with the separation anxiety!