Friday, March 4, 2011

poor hubby : - {

My poor husband who has trouble sleeping as it is, got pretty much no sleep at all last night.  I kept Jessie in the cage down in the kitchen, but he could hear her mewling and screeching and meowing all night long.  I couldn't hear a thing.  I sleep in what Erik calls a "wind tunnel".  (Unfortunately, we sleep in separate rooms...he has a bad back and I snore).  I have to have a fan blowing in my face all the time and I have to have a window open at night...doesn't matter if it's 30 below...gotta have the window at least cracked. I have a super-duper fan about 3 feet from my face blowing on me at night.  Got another one at work on my desk about a foot away and keep a small one on the arm of my chair in the living room.  It's a 'thing'.  S'anyway, that's why I can't hear anything.  Erik on the other hand has supersonic hearing.  The man can hear a feather drop.  (Unless of course he's on his laptop working or on his blog and I'm sitting right next to him talking away...then he suddenly goes deaf).  > - /
I feel bad for him though...(although I did forewarn him of this).  I'm going to try putting her in the master bathroom tonight.  I'll probably be able to hear her, but it won't bother me like it does him.  Only 13 more days...even the dog has her paws over her ears.  I don't think she got any sleep either.  I on the other hand, slept like a baby....had a few shots of jaeger.  Out cold.  : -) 


  1. I do hope things start to normalise sooner rather than later :) I also sleep 'the sleep of the dead' according to my husband, who also happens to be a poor sleeper. He'd definitely identify with Erik.

  2. I had no idea how many different meows a cat is capable of. I logged about 30 of them last night and by 4:00am she was at her peak volume. I go downstairs and she is laying in her kitty litter instead of the comfy bed she has and looking up at me LOUDLY meowing as if to say see what you've forced me to do?

    I looked at her and said hey dippy, you laying in the litter instead of the bed only makes me laugh... have fun but shut the hell up already.

    That's what tells you they have no brain, they meow, poop, eat and beg for food so they can then ignore it and THEN go to sleep, AFTER we have left the house.

    Wait, maybe that means we have no bains...

    Cats.... ugh....

    Sleepless cranky hubby...

  3. I hope so too Desiree...I don't know how long Erik will be able to take it. He just might move into the RV after all.

  4. I'm sure Hubby was understanding....well maybe...hopeful? Cat's just hate their cages. If you ever want to hear a car howl..put them in a cat cage. My wife runs a fan at night plus cracks a window; what's up with that?

  5. DeanO...he did try. I have to give him credit for that, but I have no idea how long that's going to last. Concerning ur wife and the fan and window...I AM SO GLAD TO HEAR IT ISN'T JUST ME!!!! LOL!!! I have to let my husband know this. He thinks I'm nuts! You just made my day! : - D

  6. This is kinda funny Ronda, Jake and I can't sleep together anymore either! He kicks, snores, kick, snore, all night long and doesn't even know I'm there!
    He complains because I have my room so cold he says it's like sleeping in the freezer! I keep the heater vent closed, fan on and window open or window AC on.
    Maybe Jessie will get used to the carrier in a few days and just sleep. It can happen right? Poor Erik! Maybe some sort of other noise would help him, humidifier or something.
    Hopefully moving Jessie tonight will help.
    Love Di ♥

  7. This sounds worse than crating a new puppy for the first few nights. Ihope she settles down tonight.

  8. Diana! Yeah!!! Another kindred spirit.. LOL!!! Erik said not to move her. He said he'd wear earmuffs tonight and see how that works. We'll see.

    Merikay, I hope so too. I have a splitting headache from listening to her for the last hour and she's not in the cage. She just keeps wondering from room to room meowing.

    I'm out of's going to be a long night.

  9. Feed her the rats, and she'll sleep soundly with a full belly ;) Poor Chuckles & Fang! They need to take one for the team! hehe!

  10. Oh Nellie...those little 'rats' are my sweeties. They're probably ready to eat the cat at this point. I'm sure they haven't had much sleep either. They're just in the next room...about 15 feet away from Jessie.

    I'll say this though. It's 8:30pm and the cat is out cold. She finally wore herself out. Let's hope it lasts thru the night. We can only pray!

  11. Check your Jaeger for cat paw prints. Sounds like SHE finished the bottle! LOL!

  12. Nellie...That SOOO wouldn't surprise me. lol!!

    Hubby said he managed to get some sleep last night withOUT the earmuffs. I guess she didn't start in till after 4am. Hopefully it will get better sooner than later. 4am is better than all night long, so it's a start!! : - )

  13. Such a cute header and I love love love the photo of the little boy praying with his dog praying right beside him!!
    Oh no... been there with a cat who doesn't allow us to sleep! When my Siamese would go into heat... Oh was hard on the ears! That was years ago and I would give almost anything to have her back - and her screaming! - now though...
    Hope you have a peaceful Sunday!
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