Thursday, March 31, 2011 we go again :-(

Well...our day went real well all day today, till we got to the campground.  Then all hell broke loose.  I think Erik has about come to his wits end.  We have put out so much time and money into this RV and we know that you have to expect problems on occasion, especially with a used RV, but we thought we had all the kinks and problems worked out.  Last year it was one problem after another with the outside of the rig.  Now the inside has decided to fall apart.  This is what happened when we went to set up:

Erik hooked up the sewer, electric and water.  He found out that the place that winterized the RV had disconnected the water pump and left it running so it's burned out.  After some severe swearing, he calmed down and said it's going to cost a couple hundred dollars, but we can get thru the weekend without it. he does the water heater bypass thing, turns the water on and water comes pouring thru a broken pipe.  Apparently, when it was winterized, there was still water in the pipes and it blew a pipe.  By this time it was 8:30 and the only place open that had a chance of having the part we needed was Farm and Fleet and they closed at 9pm.  Keep in mind, we hadn't had dinner yet.  Erik is a diabetic and he's starting to totally lose it.  So, we run to Farm and Fleet and they don't have the right part, but with help from a wonderful manager, they were able to jeri-rig the part.  (it's temporary, but will get us thru tonight).  There was a restaurant on the way back that we figured we'd just run in and grab something and head back.  The place was closed.  Sooooo, we see a Casey's general store/gas station and go in and get some food.  Not very good food, but food.  Oh...and some booze.  It was needed.  We get back here and finally eat (we hadn't eaten since breakfast and were both getting VERY ummm moody).  It's 9:30pm.  So after numerous times of "ok turn on the water...SHUT IT OFF, SHUT IT OFF!!!", Erik finally gets the piece to work with just a slight dribble.  We're good for now, just can't use the hot water.  (Who needs a shower?!?).  Tomorrow, we'll head to one of the RV dealerships and get the correct part and hopefully things will go smoother.  Happy Birthday Erik...hopefully tomorrow will go better. 


  1. How awful. I do hope that all the bad has been used up and the rest of the trip will go smoothly! A lesson for those of us who are inexperienced.

    Be sure all water is out of the lines, and be sure the pipes and pumps work before setting out. If possible!

  2. What a horrible way to start your weekend and an awful birthday surprise for Erik. I hope nothing more goes wrong and you get to enjoy the rest of the trip.

  3. Oh, that's just too bad! Here we were all imagining you'd got off to a great start and would have been settling in happily and relaxing and ready to wake up to a new day, feeling energized and full of the joys of life! While it's definitely not at all funny for you now, in time, you'll probably be able to laugh about it!

    Hope today goes a lot better!!!

  4. I.M. just enjoyering reedin bout adventure from all y'alls perspectedive. Ya sure do have a much more different way to tellin' what it were than Erik do. Hope ya can find the rewind button to real him back in from that witless end he are at.