Monday, February 28, 2011

I should have stayed in bed... >-(

I try very hard to be an optimist.  I have good days and bad days like everyone else, but sometimes, when it's one thing after another, it's extremely difficult to stay positive.
This morning I had to drop Jessie (my cat) off at the RadioCat clinic for the radiation therapy.  I gave myself more than enough time to get ready this morning so I could be out the door by 7am.  I had to be there by 8am and they were very specific on that.  I go out to start my car and there is about a 1/4 inch of ice covering it.  $%^#%@%   So...I wrench open the door and start the car and go back in to get Jessie and Loki.  (Loki goes to daycare because she has severe separation anxiety).  She's not a problem...she's usually waiting at the front door ready to go.  Jessie, on the other hand, knows something is up.  She won't come anywhere near me.  So as I walk thru the house saying "kitty, kitty" she lets me get within inches of her then takes off...she'll go a couple of feet, stop, wait, then take off another couple of feet.  Yes...she was being a total brat.  Afer about 10 mins. of this, I finally get hold of her and she's meowing up a storm.  She's pissed!  She knows she's going in "the box".  I get her in there, grab her, the bag for her, my purse and the dog and run to the car.  Ice is still covering all the windows so I get the scraper out and start scraping.  Jump in the car, it's 7:23.  It's a 40 minute drive and I've lost 23 mins.  Back out of the driveway and slide across the cul-de-sac.  JUST GREAT!!!  I manage to get on the street without killing us and drop Loki at doggie daycare.  Set up my GPS and start out to RadioCat.  It's now 7:30.  According to my GPS it says I'll get there at exactly 8am.  Problem is, no one will go above 15-20 mph.  (understandable of course since everything is iced over...but come on!!!)  I watch as my GPS keeps gaining minutes.  In the I'm sitting there stressing out, Jessie is meowing's a very angry meow!  Kind of goes into my eardrums like a spike each time.  My GPS has now reached 8:10.  I try calling RadioCat, but it goes directly to a recording that says they don't open until 9am..leave a message.  My head is going to explode...I just know it!  I try to take deep breaths and calm down.  All I can think of is that I'm going to be late and they're going to say I'm going to have to reschedule (they were so adament on the phone about the time).  I finally get there at 8:10, run in apologizing all over the place and Robyn (the tech)...says, "no problem...I was running late too because of the ice.  Don't worry about it."  :-\    Anyway, all went well and she will keep me informed throughout the week. 
So, I get to work.  I do accounts receivable for a doctor's office.  I've been working on a nightmare check since Thursday.  It's 79 pages long and has to be put in manually (we usually do it electronically).  I've had nothing but problems with it.  I only had about 12 pages left this morning and wanted to get it done and off my desk.  I get to the final patient.  Done!  I don't balance.  I'm off $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  This is a $178k check with approx. 200 patients.  I have to find $5.00 in this damn thing.  sighhhhhh. 
Well, I just typed this during my lunch so I have to get back to work.  My neck hurts from tension...  :-(   
I know things will get better and I'll find the $5, but right now, I just wish I could go back to bed.

Friday, February 25, 2011


My cat Jessie has to go in for radiation therapy on Monday.  She knows something is up because she has become so needy and doesn't want to leave my side.  She's going to be gone for three days and when she comes back I have to basically keep her locked up for two weeks.  That is going to be a nightmare.  Let me give you an example of a Jessie day:

4:30 am....  (mom gets up at 5:15am).  Start patting mom on head till mom turns over.
4:31 am... when mom turns over on side, go to feet and walk up leg to hip.  Sit.
4:45 am...  meow...over and over till mom knocks me off hip.
5:00 am...  sit next to mom's head and stare...every once in a while putting cold nose on mom's warm nose.  wait till mom opens one eye and pushes me away.  (ah ha...we have life!!)
5:15 am...freak out when alarm clock goes off.
5:16 am...trip mom as much as possible walking from bed to bathroom...(can't let her forget I'm here and I want food).
5:16-5:30 am... watch bathroom door and wait for shower to turn off.
5:30-5:45 am... go in bathroom with mom and meow and do figure 8's while she's getting ready....snuggle a little then stare and paw at door.  When door is opened run out then realize mom isn't behind me and run back in as fast as I can so I don't get tail chopped off in door.  (this can be tricky)
5:45 am... watch while she wakes THE MAN.   when he gets up, freak out and run into wall.
5:46 am... FINALLY...FEEDING TIME!!!!  Sniff food...walk away.  Trip mom.
5:48am - 4:30pm  sleep
4:30pm...  wait for mom at front door...when it opens...start figure 8's till she trips and yells/or picks me up.
4:37pm...  meow non-stop till I get a snack...preferrably cheese.  American cheese only please!
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm ...sleep
9pm ish....  mom is getting ready for bed...start meowing and jumping up on bed then down, then up again...snuggle.
9:30pm... run into bathroom to play in sink and drink water non-stop for 5 mins.  snuggle
9:45pm...  jump on bed give mom kiss on nose, snuggle, lay down at end of bed
9:45pm- 4:30am... wander, sleep, meow, wander some more, sleep some more, meow some more.
4:30am....  pat mom on head

Now...according to the docs...she cannot be snuggled with, lay on the bed, be near the dog or children for 2 weeks after the radiation therapy.  So, that means I have to keep her in a cage for two weeks.  She is going to meow absolutely NON-STOP.  I'm also going to miss snuggling with her.  She can really be a pain in the butt, but she's my baby.  I've had her since she was 6 weeks old...actually, 5 months longer than I've had my husband.  ;-)   The docs say this will cure her hyperthyroidism and she'll be so much better after this.  I hope so.  We'll see.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God has a wonderful sense of humor... ;-)

Before I met my husband Erik, I was in a previous marriage for almost 10 years.  No need to go into details.  I was single for 5 years before meeting Erik.  During that period of time, I had been in a few relationships and on a lot of dates.  I distinctly remember one night after another let-down relationship, I had a long talk with God.  Not just a prayer, but a long talk.  I was very specific in what I said because I know how God can take something you pray for and give it to you, but not exactly the way you meant it.  It was pretty much a one-sided conversation and I don't remember it word for word, but I can tell you the jist of it. 

"God, we need to talk.  I am asking if you can help me out because I'm kind of at my wits end.  I don't wish to be alone the rest of my life, but I don't want to make the same mistakes in the future that I made in the past.  So, here is a list of things I am looking for in a man and even if half of them fit, I would be appreciative.

1.  Sense of humor...VERY important!
2.  Nice looking, but not overly handsome.
3.  Intelligent...but not so much that he makes me look stupid.
4.  Big man...but not overly so.  Someone like maybe Moose from the Archies.
5.  oooh...maybe an ex-jock...
6.  oooooh...even about a foreigner?!? (this is exactly how I remember this part)
7.  Likes country music, doesn't have to love it...just tolerate it.
9.  Would like similar interests like movies, books and so forth.
11.  Wants kids!
I think that about does it.  I don't think I could be too much more specific than that.  Now, I know there is a lot going on in the world and that you are extremely busy, so if you wouldn't mind sending an angel to maybe help out here...that would be wonderful.  Thank you Jesus name I pray...Amen."

Now...about 3-4 months pass and I have pretty much forgotten the conversation/prayer.  I find this thing on the internet that helps you meet people.  I went on about four dates with four different men I had met thru the site and was about to say forget it.  Every one of them had lied about something and I had had enough.  I was about to delete my profile when I got a response from Erik who's comment on my profile and what I wanted out of life was "umm...pretty much the same here".  So, we started talking and met about two weeks or so later.  After getting to know each other and falling in love, we got married four months later.  It wasn't until a few months after we met that I was stopped in my tracks one day with the realization that God had followed my list and answered my prayer.  Just a little differently than expected.  My husband as follows:

1.  Excellent sense of humor!
2.  I consider him handsome...his nose just does something to me tingles when I look at it. 
3.  Very intelligent, but not so much so that I look like an idiot.
4.  Build...well...he was definitely as big as Moose from the Archies.  Weight was just shifted a little differently.
5.  Ex-semi-pro hockey player.
6.  NORWEGIAN (born to a norwegian father and norwegian/swedish mother in Oslo, Norway)
7.  Likes pretty much all music, tolerates country.
8.  Likes animals (except for my cat Jessie...whole story by itself).
9.  Likes same types of movies and books...same interests in camping and so forth.
10.Never did drugs and is a social drinker.
11. Wanted kids.

When I say that God has a sense of humor...I remember this.  Especially #'s 5 and 6.  Erik played semi-pro hockey most of his life and his body has paid for it.  He is Norwegian but doesn't speak the language.  Number 11...we both wanted kids, but it ended up not working out for us.  We figure there is a reason we weren't meant to have children.  We don't know the reason, but God does.  Erik isn't perfect and I wasn't asking for perfection.  God answered my prayer with what I needed...not just what I wanted. 

I love you honey and I thank God every day for bringing you into my life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The door of happiness...

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."  ____Helen Keller

I have heard this before, but it was mentioned on the radio this morning and it made me think.  I just wanted to share it because it is so true.  Sometimes, I think back on my life and how I would have done such and such a thing differently.  The thing is, if I had done something differently, I might never have met Erik and I would have missed out on one of the best things in my life.  I think I need to stop looking at the closed doors and keep alert for the new doors that swing open.  Life is such a rollercoaster and can be changed with one up or one down.  It's important to remember, that just like a rollercoaster, you might be down for a short time, but you will go back up.  Just keep your eye out for that open door.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good news!!

My hubby just called with good news.  He had just come from seeing a cardiologist.  (Our doctor had seen something that was questionable and she wanted it checked out).  Anyway...all is well!  He had also been tested for P.A.D. and had an ABI test.  All is also well there.  The only thing that is not good is his A1C is still too high.  Other than that, he's healthy as can be. 
Also, I had a full physical last week and with the exception of low Vitamin D, I'm also healthy as a horse.  If it weren't for my weight (I'm fat) I'd be a perfect healthy speciman.  ;-)
My doc wants me to exercise...siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.....I hate exercising.  I was in the Army for 4 years (long, long ago) and we had to be up and exercising every morning at 5am.  HATED IT!!  In 4 years time, never got used to it.  Dreaded it every single day.  I know part of it is a mindset....problem is, the mindset with me was I DIDN'T WANNA DO IT!!  It really is weird though...I was very active in riding, skateboarding, a little bit of basketball, so you would think I would have enjoyed exercising...NOPE...not for a second!  My bestest friend is an exercise junky.  Can't get enough of it and I think she's outta her flippin mind! can you find sweating and pain fun?!?  People get a rush from it...really?!?!??!  All I feel is the thought that I'm gonna be "rushed" to the hospital.  I know, I know...I should at least get up and walk on the treadmill...but it makes such a nice coat rack.  We can hang 6-8 coats on it easily!!!  Oh well...maybe if I stare at the darn thing long enough, I might get the urge to take a little walk.  I'd rather get a root canal though.  >-{