Monday, February 14, 2011

Good news!!

My hubby just called with good news.  He had just come from seeing a cardiologist.  (Our doctor had seen something that was questionable and she wanted it checked out).  Anyway...all is well!  He had also been tested for P.A.D. and had an ABI test.  All is also well there.  The only thing that is not good is his A1C is still too high.  Other than that, he's healthy as can be. 
Also, I had a full physical last week and with the exception of low Vitamin D, I'm also healthy as a horse.  If it weren't for my weight (I'm fat) I'd be a perfect healthy speciman.  ;-)
My doc wants me to exercise...siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.....I hate exercising.  I was in the Army for 4 years (long, long ago) and we had to be up and exercising every morning at 5am.  HATED IT!!  In 4 years time, never got used to it.  Dreaded it every single day.  I know part of it is a mindset....problem is, the mindset with me was I DIDN'T WANNA DO IT!!  It really is weird though...I was very active in riding, skateboarding, a little bit of basketball, so you would think I would have enjoyed exercising...NOPE...not for a second!  My bestest friend is an exercise junky.  Can't get enough of it and I think she's outta her flippin mind! can you find sweating and pain fun?!?  People get a rush from it...really?!?!??!  All I feel is the thought that I'm gonna be "rushed" to the hospital.  I know, I know...I should at least get up and walk on the treadmill...but it makes such a nice coat rack.  We can hang 6-8 coats on it easily!!!  Oh well...maybe if I stare at the darn thing long enough, I might get the urge to take a little walk.  I'd rather get a root canal though.  >-{


  1. I never understood the exercise craze either. I hate it too. The main thing to do is keep active on consistent basis. It doesn't take sweating and exercise equipment to keep a person healthy. Maybe a walking routine outdoors would work out better for you.

  2. I keep telling myself I'm going to get out there and walk, and I did it for a short time, about 3 months, then the treadmill...once you stop, it's so hard to get going again. MOTIVATION!!! blah motivation... YEAH RECLINER!!!
    I know...I really need to get off my lazy butt and get movin.

  3. Hello Ronda! I'm so glad you have your own blog. I can write to you directly and not leave messages all over Erik's blog.
    I hated exercise at school and then got addicted to it in my thirties. After overdoing it and having to slow down I've now gone back to doing it reluctantly. Hubby has to drag me out most mornings and I whinge all the way around. I know how you feel. Still if you need to do it ...
    I had to check up on Erma Bombeck as being an ignorant Brit I didn't know who she you for the huge compliment is all I can say having researched her.
    I'm obviously following you and look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
    Now go and get your leotard on and do some exercise :)

  4. Facing50..If you want to laugh till you cry, you have to read some of Erma Bombecks books. They always hit home with me. One of my favorites was "Motherhood: The second oldest profession" laughed myself silly throughout the book then got to the last chapter and cried so hard. I was in California at the time and called my mom (in Illinois) crying hysterically and telling her how much I loved her. (I was 20 and for the first time realized just how much she meant to me). My husband would read your blogs to me then I started reading them. I love your sense of humor. Erma was an excellent writer and a wonderful person (from what I've heard). Definitely a compliment to be compared to her.

  5. I understand! My stationary bike has been staring me down all winter long! I don't like exercising either but I do like to ride my bike in the summer. However if I don't get working on that stationary bike, I won't know how to ride come summer!
    I heard that most people that live on the East coast are lacking in vitamin D. But here in the Midwest it's been so cloudy all winter I wouldn't be surprised if we all weren't vitamin D deficient!
    Love Di ♥

  6. You know, I love, love, love to do things outside like hiking, rafting, kayaking, etc but NOT if it's for exercise! The minute someone says "Hey this is good exercise! then I don't enjoy it anymore! I had a Total Gym, an Eliptical, and treadmill- enough equipment that I should have looked like Jillian on the Biggest Loser but oh no...I still look like a competitor~ Ditto your Siiiggghhh~