Friday, April 22, 2011

Lil F***er got me last night > - l

Damn little rat bas***d.  Bit so deep in my finger that he was just hanging there.  #^%*&
Yes...he's still alive...I didn't kill him.  Blood everywhere though.  Fang is out...Lil F***er is in! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Chuckles and Fang

Ok...I have discussed my husband Erik, my dog Loki and my cat Jessie.  Now it's the gerbils turn.

I got my gerbils before I got Loki.  Why?  Because I wanted a dog.  Erik wouldn't let me get a dog, so I got gerbils.  (Prior to was fish...long story...maybe some other time).  S' dear little gerbils.  One is named Chuckles...he is a sandy brown adorable little gerbil who got the name Chuckles because he would run as fast as he could in the wheel then stop running.  The wheel continued to rock and he would sit there I swear 'chuckling'.  Chuckles he was. 

Fang on the other hand....he's the black gerbil.  Let's see if you can guess how I came up with that name?  Hmmm...well let's was either Fang or Lil F***er....(I even considered Lil Bas***d but didn't think it was fair to his mother since I didn't know her and didn't want to judge).  I finally decided on Fang since I knew with all my nieces and nephews coming by and visiting, they might ask me their names and I didn't think Lil F***er was appropriate.  Fang he was. 

This is Chuckles

This is Fang.

I've had Chuckles and Fang for a little over 2 years.  They have a 2-5 year life expectancy and so far they're both hanging in there just fine.  In all fairness...Fang has become a little more mellow when it comes to biting.  Now he just nibbles.  No blood involved.  He still fights me when I try to pick him up, but I'm a lot more stubborn (and bigger) than him.  I WILL win!  Chuckles on the other hand...he's my little bubby...he's the sweetheart of the two.  It's a total joy to watch him play. 

Something new just recently happened and I felt the need to write about it.  These two have lived together in total happiness with each other all this time.  One day, I noticed that they were each sleeping on opposite ends of the tank.   (I chose a tank over a cage...much easier to keep the area around it clean).  That has NEVER happened.  They have always slept together in a little cave that they make each time I clean out the tank.  Now, if Chuckles went anywhere near Fang, Fang would start chasing him and Chuckles would go flying across the tank.  What the hell?!?!?!  So I did some research.  Not to get into too much lengthy detail...what is going on is Fang is de-clanning Chuckles.  I had to separate them or Fang would most likely kill Chuckles.  This apparently is quite common. 

They actually suggest getting a couple of 'pups' and put one in with each gerbil and they won't get lonely.   Ummmm....let's get 2 more gerbils and put one in each tank with each gerbil.  So when they eventually de-clan, I'll go from 4 gerbils to what...8 gerbils!?!??!?!?!  REALLY?!?!??!?!  No...just ain't happenin!  It was also suggested to get a couple of females.  Ok...let's think about that.  Female gerbils can have 7 babies at a time...several times a year.  I could have hundreds of gerbils by the end of the year.  Uh....I'm afraid I'm gonna have a couple of lonely gerbils.  I try to give them as much attention as I can, but they just ain't gettin no company.  (I did try putting Chuckles back in with Fang after a day or so, but when Chuckles went flying across the tank again, I thought better of it). 

Now what I find is the funny part...apparently, they each had a specific job to do when building their 'sleeping quarters'.  Fang chewed everything up and Chuckles put the 'cave' together.  I never really thought much of it till I separated them.  Now, it's just too funny.  I look in each tank and Fang has his stuff all chewed up but not really what you would call a was kind of scattered.  Chuckles paper and stuff was still all in one piece but put together (although kinda lookin like a worn down shack) into a little cave. 

                                          This is Fang's home.

                                          This is Chuckles home.

Animals are such funny little creatures.  They each have their own little personalities and they really are such a joy to watch.  Dogs, cats, gerbils...even fish. 
All creatures great and small, God made them all. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful day!

It's Saturday morning and we woke up to the sun shining.  We opened all the blinds in the RV and the sky is blue and it's gorgeous outside.  We're gonna go for a long walk later.  Erik fixed all the leaky problems yesterday and we can finally relax.

Yesterday we went to this RV place to get the part he needed (J & J RV).  Nice people...huge dealership!  It was cold and gray yesterday and I had doubled up with a sweatshirt and jacket cause it was pretty windy too.  I went in with Erik to just look around a little.  Seeing nothing of interest I asked him for the keys so I could sit out in the warm car with the dog while he finished up.  He looked at me funny and says 'but I want to go look at some of the RV's'...I'm like 'huh?!?...why???'  He says 'we're here to have fun aren't we?'  Once again... 'huh?!?!?'  His idea of fun and my idea of fun are two totally different things. 

Sooooooo....we finish up and walk out to the lot.  I think I mentioned that this place was HUGE...I'm not exagerating (sp?).  We walk and he's stopping to take pictures of all the older RV's while I'm shivering behind him.  We get to this one that he had seen on the website and he is excitedly walking around it snapping pictures while I'm standing between two RV's trying to keep the wind from blowing me away.  (I'm a big girl so it tells u how windy it would have to be to blow me away).  He tells me to go back to the car and wait and he'll meet me there later.  So without further ado, I shivered my way back to the car. 

It was quite a walk so I decided I would just take the car and pick him up and we could just drive from RV to RV.  I drive back to the spot he was at and he's no longer there.  So I continue driving around for a good five minutes with no luck.  I finally see him back up near the building and he looks exasperated.  I open the car door so he can take over the driving and his eyes are practically bulging out of the sockets.  He says 'didn't u see me behind you running and waving my hands?  I was yelling and you just kept turned the corner and I run to meet you and you turned the next corner.  Don't you ever look in your rearview mirror?'  He wasn't yelling, just speaking AT me.  lol! 

So anyway, he takes over the driving and we go from RV to RV while he takes pictures.  Neither one of us realized how big this place was, it just kept going and going.  They had all these really old RV's that Erik was just fascinated with.  I'm not saying they weren't interesting, but I just didn't see the big deal.  We FINALLY get done and then he decides he wants to see them from the other side of the fence (there was like a little frontage road outside of the dealership that on the other side of it was a huge vehicle dump.  Now THAT was fascinating.  All the trucks and cars that were left there to die.  :-(  It was almost sad to look at.  I told Erik that at least they have friends to hang with...I know, I'm pathetic, but it's me).  So, while he's looking at the RV's from the backside, I'm looking at the vehicle dump.  We get done there and head back to the campsite.  We've had our 'fun' for the day.  :-)

When we got back, while Erik worked on the water pipe, I took Loki over to the field and let her run.  The sky was looking pretty nasty and the wind was really picking up.  I was actually starting to keep an eye out for funnel clouds.  It rained a little, but nothing serious.  It's supposed to storm tonight...hail and everything, but we're going to enjoy today as much as possible before that starts up.

Take care everyone and God bless!

Friday, April 1, 2011

the next day.....

Well, I don't want to jinx anything, but so far so good.  Erik got the hot water heater going with only a few drips.  Yea...shower time!!  We'll head to the store later to get the correct parts. 

It's nice to just sit and relax now.  Loki has calmed down, Erik has calmed down, all is well in the Andersen RV saga.  :-)'s raining.  lol!