Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful day!

It's Saturday morning and we woke up to the sun shining.  We opened all the blinds in the RV and the sky is blue and it's gorgeous outside.  We're gonna go for a long walk later.  Erik fixed all the leaky problems yesterday and we can finally relax.

Yesterday we went to this RV place to get the part he needed (J & J RV).  Nice people...huge dealership!  It was cold and gray yesterday and I had doubled up with a sweatshirt and jacket cause it was pretty windy too.  I went in with Erik to just look around a little.  Seeing nothing of interest I asked him for the keys so I could sit out in the warm car with the dog while he finished up.  He looked at me funny and says 'but I want to go look at some of the RV's'...I'm like 'huh?!?...why???'  He says 'we're here to have fun aren't we?'  Once again... 'huh?!?!?'  His idea of fun and my idea of fun are two totally different things. 

Sooooooo....we finish up and walk out to the lot.  I think I mentioned that this place was HUGE...I'm not exagerating (sp?).  We walk and he's stopping to take pictures of all the older RV's while I'm shivering behind him.  We get to this one that he had seen on the website and he is excitedly walking around it snapping pictures while I'm standing between two RV's trying to keep the wind from blowing me away.  (I'm a big girl so it tells u how windy it would have to be to blow me away).  He tells me to go back to the car and wait and he'll meet me there later.  So without further ado, I shivered my way back to the car. 

It was quite a walk so I decided I would just take the car and pick him up and we could just drive from RV to RV.  I drive back to the spot he was at and he's no longer there.  So I continue driving around for a good five minutes with no luck.  I finally see him back up near the building and he looks exasperated.  I open the car door so he can take over the driving and his eyes are practically bulging out of the sockets.  He says 'didn't u see me behind you running and waving my hands?  I was yelling and you just kept turned the corner and I run to meet you and you turned the next corner.  Don't you ever look in your rearview mirror?'  He wasn't yelling, just speaking AT me.  lol! 

So anyway, he takes over the driving and we go from RV to RV while he takes pictures.  Neither one of us realized how big this place was, it just kept going and going.  They had all these really old RV's that Erik was just fascinated with.  I'm not saying they weren't interesting, but I just didn't see the big deal.  We FINALLY get done and then he decides he wants to see them from the other side of the fence (there was like a little frontage road outside of the dealership that on the other side of it was a huge vehicle dump.  Now THAT was fascinating.  All the trucks and cars that were left there to die.  :-(  It was almost sad to look at.  I told Erik that at least they have friends to hang with...I know, I'm pathetic, but it's me).  So, while he's looking at the RV's from the backside, I'm looking at the vehicle dump.  We get done there and head back to the campsite.  We've had our 'fun' for the day.  :-)

When we got back, while Erik worked on the water pipe, I took Loki over to the field and let her run.  The sky was looking pretty nasty and the wind was really picking up.  I was actually starting to keep an eye out for funnel clouds.  It rained a little, but nothing serious.  It's supposed to storm tonight...hail and everything, but we're going to enjoy today as much as possible before that starts up.

Take care everyone and God bless!


  1. This was so funny, Rhonda!!! Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and laughing at all the humorous bits. I do hope you're having a WONDERFUL day, today! Hopefully, you aren't having to resort to gazing sadly at car graveyards to cheer yourself up!

  2. I can just picture Erik running behind you and waving his arms. I know it wasn't funny for him, but it sure sounds funny when you write about it. Enjoy your sunny day today. Our weather downstate is about the same as yours. Sounds like Monday is going to be a wild ride with bad storms. Glad to hear everything is up and running. Watch out - I think Erik is getting the itch to get a new RV. Have a wonderful day Ronda.

  3. I am glad for you. Enjoy your vacation as the both of you will have a lot to look back and have fun.

  4. I rarely look in my rear view mirror - I know what's behind me because I'll have overtaken it at speed :)
    Great story. I really felt for you though. Hubby is like that at garages. We get to walk around in the freezing cold while he stares at cars and I freeze. Thank goodness they aren't as big as that place you were in.
    Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for the smile.

  5. That was so funny Ronda, Erik running and waving! You should have told him that you knew he was there and that you just wanted to have some fun, LOL!!
    Hopefully the next trip will be warmer and Erik will have all of the kinks worked out! Stay safe, Love Di ♥