Monday, June 25, 2012


My husband and I went camping this past weekend and had my step-son Thorin and his boys over Saturday night and Sunday morning.

I decided on Saturday to make a ‘bean stew’ type dish to go with the hamburgers and hot dogs and such.  I didn’t have the exact recipe so had to kind of work on it thru the day.  Starting around 12:30ish, I started making it…throwing in three different cans of beans, a pound of hamburger, a can of tomato sauce (these are the basics)…then adding onion, worschterschier (sp?) sauce, brown sugar then taste testing and adding mustard, salt and pepper, seasoning salt, taste testing, then ketchup, more brown sugar and more worscheterschier (sp?) sauce.  Letting it cook and simmer for about 4 hours.  It was really good and Erik just loved it and it was something I could eat.

I was so looking forward to having Thorin and the boys try it.  So, come dinner time, Erik was finishing up the meat on the grill, the boys were helping me put stuff on the picnic table and the last thing to come out was ‘Ronda’s bean stew’!  I grabbed a pot holder and with the pan of bubbling stew in front of me walked down the RV steps when all the sudden, there was no ground under my foot.  The step stool was gone and I went down about a foot and half on to the ground.  It was weird how it happened.  It was like super fast, but also in slow motion.  I just remember thinking before my body hit the ground ‘SAVE THE BEANS’…I hit the ground pretty hard.  I sat up and Erik and Thorin were running towards me, but all I could think about was all the time and effort I put into those beans which were now all over the ground.  L

A split second later, I noticed that although there was a huge pile of stew on the ground…about 2 feet away sat the pan…upright and still almost half full!!! 

Erik and Thorin helped me up and checked to see if I was okay (which I was), but all I cared about was those beans.  Then I turned to my left and saw the stew sauce splattered all over the side of the RV.  (HORROR!!!!!!)  I picked up the pot of beans and put it on the table then ran in and grabbed some wet paper towels to start cleaning off the RV and Erik tried to stop me.  He’s like…hmm RV or wife in hospital.  The RV was fine…leave it!  He grabbed some Windex and started cleaning it.  All was well.

Everything turned out okay…just a few scrapes and no broken bones.  Everyone cleaned out what was left of the beans and really seemed to enjoy them.  (They probably ate them just to make me happy after all that, but it didn’t matter…I didn’t have to go to the hospital). 

I’m also very grateful that the stew didn’t end up over anyone.  That would have been really bad!!

Oh…and my wonderful husband allowed Loki to eat some of the bean stew off the ground. Guess who WASN’T cleaning up her poo! (I did anyway)  ;-)

All in all, it was a great weekend...a little too hot for my taste, but fun regardless.