Monday, September 29, 2014

Just stuff... :-)

Okay...I did it.  I'm going to work at the campground next season.  Erik will be helping out also, so that makes it a little easier.  My social little butterfly can talk to people while I do the work.  I'm good with that.  lol!  :-)

We had such a wonderful weekend.  You couldn't ask for better weather!  It was beautiful!  The little chipmunks were all over the place.  Sadly, a hawk swooped down and grabbed one...I can still hear the screaming.  :-(   I know it's the circle of life thing...but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with.  Oh...and the Bears lost to the Packers...I don't mind if it's a close game...but they lost 38-17..more of a slaughter.  Dammit!  > -p  Still, it was a beautiful weekend...can't complain too much.

We're into fall now and I so look forward to the changing colors of the leaves.  Autumn has always been my favorite season.  Cooler temps and Halloween!  I think I'm going to start decorating a little bit this week...get into the mood.  Gotta get those spiders up..hehehe!

Christmas is just around the corner...I'm SO not ready for it.  This year just flew by.  It honestly feels like it just started now we're near the end heading for 2015.  There has been so many terrible things happening around the world...hopefully it will get better instead of worse...unfortunately...I don't see that happening, but one has to have faith.

Take care and God bless!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Life is good! :-)

It's so funny how life gives you ups and downs and so long as you have faith, keep your head up and continue to move forward it just all seems to come together. 

Erik is now the IT Manager at the Oncology practice I've been working at for 14 years.  It's like he has always been here.  He fits in that well!  Everybody loves him!  We have a routine that seems to be working well and so far it's been a smooth transition.

The campground that we lease our little property on for the RV asked me if I'd be willing to work 4 hours on Saturdays next season and we would only have to pay half the lease for the season.  I'll be honest...I'm not a people person.  I'm friendly enough and smile when talking to people but I keep conversations as short as possible.  My job is sitting in a cubicle punching numbers...I love it because I don't really have to deal with other people.  No phones, no customer service.  Just me and my radio tuned in to K-LOVE or country.  Peace!  :-)  I enjoy my weekends with my husband and dog.  We visit family and we have our niece and nephew from Erik's side over on a weekend a few times a season.  I've gone back and forth over this and still haven't made up my mind.  :-(

Speaking of our niece and nephew...they'll be joining us next weekend for the Halloween party and jaunt through the 'haunted' woods and hay ride.  As they're getting older, they're starting to mellow out a little and aren't so hyper.  I would never give up a minute of the time we've spent with them, but I'm just glad that our weekends aren't spent yelling because they won't settle down.  They're great kids and I'm looking forward to seeing them. 

The camping season went too fast this year.  It didn't help that we lost a month while the RV was in the shop getting warranty work done.  Oh is what it is.  :-)

Not much else going on right now...I'll try and remember to take pictures with the kids next weekend.  Should be fun!  :-)

Take care and God bless! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Everything happens for a reason....

Everything happens for a reason and it's amazing when something is so obviously put in front of you that you know without a doubt that it was through God's loving Grace.

My husband lost his job in May of 2014.  His boss was kind enough to give him two months salary to give him time to find another job.  His last check was July 15th and he still didn't have a job.  He still had his side job which helped, plus my job...but it definitely didn't pay the bills.  We worked some things out with our cars and get this...the mortgage company called us to refinance our house so we could lower our mortgage because the VA rates dropped!  So we didn't have to pay our mortgage for a month. 

He had filed for unemployment on July 16th and has been sending resumes like a mad man but was not receiving any calls back.  I kept telling him to just hang in there...either his side business was going to keep building (which it started to) or something was going to come up.

The last week in August, the IT person that works at the office I work at, turned in his resignation.  I called Erik immediately and told him to get his resume in asap!  He did.  Now here is where fate and God's Grace comes in.  The manager called Erik within an hour of getting his resume but couldn't get hold of him.  She asked me to confirm the phone number on his resume.  IT WAS THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER!!!  He had the correct number on the screen in front of him, but when he sent it pdf, it had a different number!  He had sent out a couple hundred resumes and was more than qualified for the positions, but not one call back.  Now he knew why.  I gave the manager the correct phone number she set up an interview the following Thursday and he was offered the job on Friday...just a little bit less than what he was making, but not enough to really hurt us. 

Not only that, but now because he is an employee he doesn't have to be on my health insurance, so that's almost $800.00 a month we'll be saving!!  He gets health, dental, vision, life insurance and a 401k!!  The man is on cloud nine!!

He'll be keeping up 5 clinics and our business office.  Going to be a busy man but a happy man!  He will have his evenings and weekends mostly to himself unless an emergency comes up.  It's going to be a REAL job!  He won't be wondering if he's going to lose his job on a daily basis!  Oh...and we can work the same hours so we can ride in together!  We can switch off cars so less milage!  Awesome!!!  :-)

I just love seeing the twinkle in his eye again!  He looked so handsome this morning.  Like a kid on his first day of school.

We have so much to thank God for, we don't even know where to begin, but I feel like it could never be enough.

Take care and God bless!!