Monday, February 28, 2011

I should have stayed in bed... >-(

I try very hard to be an optimist.  I have good days and bad days like everyone else, but sometimes, when it's one thing after another, it's extremely difficult to stay positive.
This morning I had to drop Jessie (my cat) off at the RadioCat clinic for the radiation therapy.  I gave myself more than enough time to get ready this morning so I could be out the door by 7am.  I had to be there by 8am and they were very specific on that.  I go out to start my car and there is about a 1/4 inch of ice covering it.  $%^#%@%   So...I wrench open the door and start the car and go back in to get Jessie and Loki.  (Loki goes to daycare because she has severe separation anxiety).  She's not a problem...she's usually waiting at the front door ready to go.  Jessie, on the other hand, knows something is up.  She won't come anywhere near me.  So as I walk thru the house saying "kitty, kitty" she lets me get within inches of her then takes off...she'll go a couple of feet, stop, wait, then take off another couple of feet.  Yes...she was being a total brat.  Afer about 10 mins. of this, I finally get hold of her and she's meowing up a storm.  She's pissed!  She knows she's going in "the box".  I get her in there, grab her, the bag for her, my purse and the dog and run to the car.  Ice is still covering all the windows so I get the scraper out and start scraping.  Jump in the car, it's 7:23.  It's a 40 minute drive and I've lost 23 mins.  Back out of the driveway and slide across the cul-de-sac.  JUST GREAT!!!  I manage to get on the street without killing us and drop Loki at doggie daycare.  Set up my GPS and start out to RadioCat.  It's now 7:30.  According to my GPS it says I'll get there at exactly 8am.  Problem is, no one will go above 15-20 mph.  (understandable of course since everything is iced over...but come on!!!)  I watch as my GPS keeps gaining minutes.  In the I'm sitting there stressing out, Jessie is meowing's a very angry meow!  Kind of goes into my eardrums like a spike each time.  My GPS has now reached 8:10.  I try calling RadioCat, but it goes directly to a recording that says they don't open until 9am..leave a message.  My head is going to explode...I just know it!  I try to take deep breaths and calm down.  All I can think of is that I'm going to be late and they're going to say I'm going to have to reschedule (they were so adament on the phone about the time).  I finally get there at 8:10, run in apologizing all over the place and Robyn (the tech)...says, "no problem...I was running late too because of the ice.  Don't worry about it."  :-\    Anyway, all went well and she will keep me informed throughout the week. 
So, I get to work.  I do accounts receivable for a doctor's office.  I've been working on a nightmare check since Thursday.  It's 79 pages long and has to be put in manually (we usually do it electronically).  I've had nothing but problems with it.  I only had about 12 pages left this morning and wanted to get it done and off my desk.  I get to the final patient.  Done!  I don't balance.  I'm off $5.  FIVE DOLLARS!  This is a $178k check with approx. 200 patients.  I have to find $5.00 in this damn thing.  sighhhhhh. 
Well, I just typed this during my lunch so I have to get back to work.  My neck hurts from tension...  :-(   
I know things will get better and I'll find the $5, but right now, I just wish I could go back to bed.


  1. What a day indeed! We started cheering for ya when the chase for jessie began! Great start to a new safe

  2. WOW - $5.00 on a 178K check. I'd be jumping for joy because I can't balance a $100.00 from my checking account. Keep us posted - it will get better

  3. Yikes. What an awful way to start the day. I hope it got a little better and I hope all goes well with Jessie.

  4. Ok...I found the $5...all is well. I got a call from Robin (the tech)at RadioCat and Jessie took the shot reaction. That's good news! Whew! Robin is going to call me each morning to let me know how Jessie is doing. I should be able to pick her up on Thursday afternoon. Life is good!! :-)

  5. Rough day in the "Animal Kingdom!" My daughter calls me with similar problems of balancing multi-millions of dollars at her job...but gosh, $5? P L E A S E ! Glad you found it and hope you didn't kick yourself all the way home because it was RIGHT THERE all the time~
    What a pleasant way to end the day with Robin going the distance to keep you informed about Jessie. Applause, Applause to those who still have compassion
    ♥ Kathy

  6. I never did get a balance on my checking account! I haven't tried for at least 15 years! I have to assume the bank is right.

  7. We all have days like these, if it's any consolation! Look at it as brain situations such as you described, your brain was getting a jolly good, mental workout :)

    Years & years ago, my Mum used to favour a saying that went something to the effect of...'the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get!' I find it helps to stop whatever it is I'm doing and take a couple of slow, deep in-breaths followed by full, slow exhalations.