Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The door of happiness...

"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us."  ____Helen Keller

I have heard this before, but it was mentioned on the radio this morning and it made me think.  I just wanted to share it because it is so true.  Sometimes, I think back on my life and how I would have done such and such a thing differently.  The thing is, if I had done something differently, I might never have met Erik and I would have missed out on one of the best things in my life.  I think I need to stop looking at the closed doors and keep alert for the new doors that swing open.  Life is such a rollercoaster and can be changed with one up or one down.  It's important to remember, that just like a rollercoaster, you might be down for a short time, but you will go back up.  Just keep your eye out for that open door.


  1. That is so true Ronda. When I catch myself worrying about something I stop and think, I've been here before and came through, one way or another I have made it through. It's my faith that keeps me going.
    I also think that if my life had changed in anyway, I wouldn't have had my three kids and now my grandchildren! Love Di ♥

  2. I am guilty of staring at the closed door. Sometimes I have to take a step back and refocus. It is easy to get caught up in problems and forget to look for the open door. Nice post and some really good advice!

  3. You are so correct - Hellen Keller; a story, movie and book that stirs my soul. Thanks for the good reminder; I believe we have all been there, lingering at the closed door...perhaps, just a little to long.

  4. Ms. Ronda, I was thinking about this again; and I would change some things. My parents warned me - my Ex-in laws warned me of some things; but I didn't listen. Had I listened - turned the ear to the wiser adults I would have saved myself a great deal of grief. However - God can take a mess and make a gem.

  5. Diana...Faith is everything! You are blessed with children and grandchildren. Treasure them with all your heart as I'm sure you do.

    Rae...Just know that things happen for a reason. I'll be honest...something a little personal here, I was so angry at God for about three years after having a miscarriage and not being able to have children. (I turned to food instead of turning to God). I shut the door on God for that period of time trying to understand why I was being punished. Thankfully, God didn't shut the door on me. He opened new ones. I have learned to accept what is. I still have moments, but I get thru them a little easier than before. My husband stood by me thru the whole thing, something I will always be grateful for. Another saying I like that hangs in my cubicle is "When God shuts a door, He opens a Window." Very true!

    DeanO...I absolutely understand. I can look back and wish I had done something differently. I made some huge mistakes in my life, things that may have hurt other people or myself. My first thought would be to change them if it was possible. But, changing one thing can escalate into several changes. Who knows, maybe I wouldn't be the person I am today if I had chosen not to go into the Army or if I hadn't married my first husband who was a nightmare. I guess I have to try and look back at these things as learning experiences and go forward. Erik and I have had some serious ups and downs, but regardless, he is still the best thing that ever happened to me so I choose to try and look back at happy memories and not linger on what I could've/should've done. I can't change the past I can only live in the present and look forward to the future.

    Wow...I feel preachy here...sorry, I don't mean to. I really felt something deep inside when I posted this post. Helen Keller was a woman who beat all odds and for me to sit and feel sorry for myself when it was me who made the decisions I made in my life, doesn't feel right.

    Thank you for commenting folks...I read other blogs and some of them are so meaningful and joyful and many emotions. It's nice to know there are people out there that maybe have my similar thoughts or problems. Jeez...I need to shut up now. :-) Take care and God bless!!

  6. You are absolutely right. This quote touched me today. I've been focusing on the negative too much this week. I shall join you in seeking out open doors...let the shut ones stay shut :)
    On a brighter note your header picture is just fabulous. I love it.
    I've been reading the super comment you left me too...I've got all the 'Dexter' DVDs roo and I've read all the books too...I find them addictive.
    I doubt you lost your wisdom along with your teeth judging by what you have to say here and the comments you make but I liked the idea you'd get them taken out one by one and have time off. As for my mother - she is a character...just don't get into a drinking contest with her - she'll win hands down!
    Always lovely to hear from you Ronda and I think meeting Erik was obviously a very very, positive thing in your life.

  7. Preach on! I believe God works behind the scenes on our behalf, whether it's for learning a lesson, getting direction or receiving a blessing. Staying close to Him makes the understanding of that much easier!