Friday, February 25, 2011


My cat Jessie has to go in for radiation therapy on Monday.  She knows something is up because she has become so needy and doesn't want to leave my side.  She's going to be gone for three days and when she comes back I have to basically keep her locked up for two weeks.  That is going to be a nightmare.  Let me give you an example of a Jessie day:

4:30 am....  (mom gets up at 5:15am).  Start patting mom on head till mom turns over.
4:31 am... when mom turns over on side, go to feet and walk up leg to hip.  Sit.
4:45 am...  meow...over and over till mom knocks me off hip.
5:00 am...  sit next to mom's head and stare...every once in a while putting cold nose on mom's warm nose.  wait till mom opens one eye and pushes me away.  (ah ha...we have life!!)
5:15 am...freak out when alarm clock goes off.
5:16 am...trip mom as much as possible walking from bed to bathroom...(can't let her forget I'm here and I want food).
5:16-5:30 am... watch bathroom door and wait for shower to turn off.
5:30-5:45 am... go in bathroom with mom and meow and do figure 8's while she's getting ready....snuggle a little then stare and paw at door.  When door is opened run out then realize mom isn't behind me and run back in as fast as I can so I don't get tail chopped off in door.  (this can be tricky)
5:45 am... watch while she wakes THE MAN.   when he gets up, freak out and run into wall.
5:46 am... FINALLY...FEEDING TIME!!!!  Sniff food...walk away.  Trip mom.
5:48am - 4:30pm  sleep
4:30pm...  wait for mom at front door...when it opens...start figure 8's till she trips and yells/or picks me up.
4:37pm...  meow non-stop till I get a snack...preferrably cheese.  American cheese only please!
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm ...sleep
9pm ish....  mom is getting ready for bed...start meowing and jumping up on bed then down, then up again...snuggle.
9:30pm... run into bathroom to play in sink and drink water non-stop for 5 mins.  snuggle
9:45pm...  jump on bed give mom kiss on nose, snuggle, lay down at end of bed
9:45pm- 4:30am... wander, sleep, meow, wander some more, sleep some more, meow some more.
4:30am....  pat mom on head

Now...according to the docs...she cannot be snuggled with, lay on the bed, be near the dog or children for 2 weeks after the radiation therapy.  So, that means I have to keep her in a cage for two weeks.  She is going to meow absolutely NON-STOP.  I'm also going to miss snuggling with her.  She can really be a pain in the butt, but she's my baby.  I've had her since she was 6 weeks old...actually, 5 months longer than I've had my husband.  ;-)   The docs say this will cure her hyperthyroidism and she'll be so much better after this.  I hope so.  We'll see.


  1. 3 days of no meowing bliss.....

    Followed by 2 weeks of 24x7 meowing......

    I'll be in the RV.....



  2. I wonder why she can't be around you? Poor thing. I hope that it doesn't turn out as bad as you think Ronda.
    And I hope that it helps her get well!
    Love Di ♥

  3. Hi Diana...apparently she can't be around us because of the radiation. I'm still questioning that. When I go in with her on Monday I want to find out exactly what they mean. They sent us all the paperwork but when I talked to her on the phone, she was telling me that (for example)..if a dog were to eat the cat's poo (ick)after this procedure, the worst that would happen would be the dog would have a tummy ache. So, if that's the worst that could happen, why can't my cat sleep at the end of my bed? Anyway...I think it's going to be harder on me than it is on Jessie, because she's just getting a shot and they say she won't even know what's going on. But I'm the one that has to deal with her over the next two weeks and she's going to be wondering why she can't snuggle with momma. (I'm sorry..I don't have pets are my I'm momma). I know..pathetic...but it is what it is. ;-) Anyway, I put a picture at the bottom of my blog of my baby girl...(I can't figure out how to put a smaller pic in. Erik isn't home from work yet). Thanks for caring. :-)

  4. Hm - two weeks in a cage; that's gotta be tough. I hope kitty is OK and kitty's human!

  5. Thanks DeanO...yeah...kitty's human is gonna be a mess.

  6. You will need to wear gloves when you empty her litter box too. It's because her body and all her secretions will contain radioactive material from the radiation treatment. You have to stay a safe distance away and not handle any of it or else you risk being exposed to radioactivity. I use to work as an RN in a cancer center so I am familiar with the treatment - in humans of course. With people you are required to keep a certain amount of distance too. Good luck with everything. It is going to be hard locking up your baby for so long.

  7. Hi Rae...I know about the radioactivity, but what has me confused is I know of two people (one I work with and the other is the mother of a friend) that had gotten the same treatment. It's I-131 I believe. They had to basically be clear of other people for like 2-3 days, careful handling food, flush twice, etc..but it was just for a couple of days. Jessie will be in the kitty hospital for 3 days during the worst of it. So, why another two weeks? It sounds like it's the exact same thing.
    Side note...I work for an Oncology office on the administrative side. Small world. :-)

  8. Ronda, Normally it takes about a week for everything to clear. Sounds like your vet is being extra cautious by making it two weeks. I'd ask if it is really necessary. Maybe after a week you could let her out as long as you don't sleep close to her at night.

  9. Ronda, Thanks for following Levonne's Pretty Pics. I do wish you the best with your kittie. Two weeks will be a short time hopefully relative to the rest of your lives together. I'm Gingee's mommie. I understand.

  10. Thanks are correct. Relatively speaking, two weeks will be a short time. During that time though...all I can say is, it's going to be two loooong weeks. :-) Oh well, I will survive and it will give me a lot more time with her. By the your pictures. Very nice! Ronda