Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hey...Westboro dumbasses....

Hey! Village Idiots picketing fallen soldiers' funerals....Yeah, I'm talking to you! Do you know WHY you are allowed to do that? BECAUSE THE DEAD SOLDIER YOU ARE DISRESPECTING GAVE HIS OR HER LIFE SO YOU WOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM TO EXPRESS YOUR STUPIDITY!


  1. Have you ever checked out these buffoons website? I've ranted against Westboro degenerates before. I ask this question; what do our fallen heroes have to do with Homosexuality? Homosexuality is a sin yes, an abomination to God, yes, so is pride, cursing and a haughty attitude! As a Christian I will never be able to figure out this Church, their Doctrine and their hate. The Apostle Paul and all the great men of the Bible went to the sinners and told them about a Jesus who "loved" them and gave himself for them. A day of reckoning is coming for Westboro Church. I'd hate to be standing in their shoes! In my mind...they are Vile, ignorant and a hateful people. I'm being as nice as I can be...perhaps just a little bit to PC!

  2. Well I watched a few specials where they interview these people and they sounded exactly like the members of the KKK. They say the same types of things to defend their actions and they warp the words in the Bible to their needs and how they want it to be so they can push their hate agenda.

    It would be awesome if a few thousand people took a few days and picketed their church in the same way they picket out fallen soldiers.

    It would mean sinking to their level but it may just well be worth it for them to get a taste of their own vile hate.

  3. Hi Ronda,
    My daughter-in-laws cousin was our first fallen soldier in our county, it's been about three years or more now since they brought him home and laid him to rest.
    He really was a wonderful young man in all that he did. This was very difficult for our entire family as his fiance was expecting their first child at the time.
    Unfortunately at his funeral the protesters were out in force. The good thing was that the "Freedom Riders" also showed up at the funeral and drowned out their protesting with their motorcycles. We were grateful for there presence.
    Still it was a sad state of affairs that Lt. Kyle Price's family had to even deal with these ignorant people that don't seem to understand the price these brave and heroic young men and women pay for their ridiculous right to protest at their funerals.
    Love Di ♥

  4. I don't understand the rationale for their picketing. They can not call themselves Christians. They are nothing more than bigots full of hate and it makes me sick to see them pulling such atrocious stunts.