Friday, September 6, 2013

Great week!

Hubby and I weren't able to celebrate our anniversary on our anniversary (Erik had to work) so we did it last night instead. We went to the movies and saw 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' AWESOME!!!!!! After the movie we went out for a wonderful steak dinner then watched the first Star Trek movie with the same new characters. Just had to do it! :-) Course I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I have to say that they did a fantastic job of getting the characters down. Very impressed!
We took off early today and went antiquing. It's been quite a while since we went antiquing. I have to say...we could have gone crazy in that place, but we didn't. We each bought a book. Total of less than $20.00. We did good! :-)
We refinanced our home so we can finally put some money in the bank. That's another reason we didn't go crazy at the antique mall. We're going to have a garage sale at my sister's place in a couple of weeks. Try and get rid of some stuff. This winter we're gonna get serious and start selling off some of the big stuff we've collected. Really want to start downsizing..would love to sell the house and just get maybe a small condo or something like that.
Tomorrow night we're going to the drive-in with my sister, niece and nephew. Going to see 'The Heat' and 'We are the Millers'. Maybe go to the apple orchard in the afternoon with my parents. Depends on how hot it gets.
Then on Sunday we got the Bears game! GO BEARS!!! :-) IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!!! WOOHOOOO!!! :-)

That's all for now...take care and God bless! :-)


  1. Happy (belated) anniversary to you!!

  2. Thanks Jackie! We had a great time! :-)

  3. Happy Anniversary. I am so glad that you guys got a rain check. Work can get in the way, but as long as you got to celebrate and all is well, Great !

    1. Thanks Munir! It's not necessary to have to celebrate on the same day of a special occasion. With Erik's work schedule, sometimes it's impossible. We do what we can, when we can. :-)

  4. You are starting to sound like us. We are getting the house ready to sell (90% sure we're selling)and already purchased the condo. We haven't been in the motorhome at all this year because it's so much work to prepare the house for sale and then having so much stuff go through. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Bruce (& Val)

    1. Thanks! :-)

      We really hope to get a lot done this just seems SO overwhelming! We still have stuff in bins from when we got first got married and moved in to the house. lol...I was telling my dad that when we go through all those bins in the garage and basement it's going to be like Christmas...we're going to find things we didn't realize we had. Sad, but funny....we just have SO MUCH stuff!!
      It has to feel good for you to have gone through everything, but I'll bet you missed your motorhome. ;-) I know I would have. :-)