Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Auction...

They had the Auction for Ted today. We learned a lot more of his really sucks what he has gone through. His insurance doesn't cover ANY chemo! Some of his treatments were costing over $30k a month. He was able to get grants a couple of times for some relief, but that only goes so far. Right now his prostate is sitting on one of his ribs below his heart. They've already removed part of his bladder, part of a kidney and part of something else...I think part of his stomach...I'm not sure on that. They made some pretty good money today. The auction lasted 3 hours there was so much stuff. I got a toaster oven for the RV. Erik got a long island ice tea set that was probably worth about $150 all told and he got it for $100. He then handed it to Ted who was flabbergasted to say the least. He invited us over for drinks later. :-) My basket went for $45 and the girl that got it (I think she was slightly disabled) was absolutely jumping for joy. (It was a rainy day camping basket filled with games and puzzles, books and such). It made me feel good that someone was going to enjoy it and the money went to a good cause. Erik donated a Slate computer thing (I have no idea...I just know it was a computer) went for $145. Lower than Erik expected, but that's okay. It wasn't being used and again, it was for a good cause. :-)
A couple of Blackhawk jerseys went for $250 each and they raffled off a nice grill and a Bears Tillman jersey. All in all, it was a great auction and will hopefully help Ted out. (We just found out that with all the stuff the campground did this summer...they raised $10,600.00! That is awesome!!)

I think we are going to go through the house and start putting things up for sale on e-bay and Craigslist. We have thousands of dollars worth of stuff that we had bought when we first got married that is just sitting in bins in mint condition. We really need to start downsizing and while doing so, hopefully put some money in the bank.

Tuesday is our 14th wedding anniversary. I think we're going to go to a movie and out for dinner. It'll be nice. :-)

We have halloween coming up that's gonna be fun! We had a blast here last year. Went on the halloween walk and decorated it up very cool! We had our niece and nephew here for it last year...not sure if we'll do the same this year. We'll see.

Take care and God bless! :-)


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! How nice for Ted - ya'll are good people :-)

  2. You and your husband have kind and loving hearts.
    My heart was touched as I read this post about Ted's cancer. I will pray for him this evening before I go to sleep. May God bless him and continually be with him.

  3. Thanks TexCyn!

    Jackie..we just try to help when possible. It's not always easy because people will try to take advantage of a situation but Ted is definitely not one of them. He's a good guy.

    A small group of us went over there last night for drinks and a fire. Had a wonderful time!! Good people! :-)