Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shiloh and vacation hubby calls Shiloh a devil dog. Why? He has taken several pics of her and they always come out with her eyes white...see below:

Personally, I think it's his phone. Why? Because this is what I come up with when I take a pic of her from my phone:

Is that the sweetest face? Devil dog...really? How can anyone say that about that sweet little face?!? My little bubby! ;-) Erik is just a dork! :-D

Our vacation is coming up soon and we can't wait! We're both putting in a lot of hours at work and we definitely need a vacation. Looking forward to two weeks of relaxation. Will be at the RV and going antiquing and hanging with family. Hopefully will have some decent weather and not too hot. We're also hoping to maybe go to Geneseo for the Halloween party. We can't take the rig but are considering renting a cabin for 4 days. Either that or renting an RV just so we can be there. We have to go to Geneseo at least once and it has to be during Halloween. We always have such a good time. When we finally get a truck, we'll be spending a lot more time up there. Maybe take our bikes. They have a wonderful bike path that goes along the canal. We also have our anniversary coming up and for the last few years we've gone to a very nice restaurant in Geneseo to celebrate. We're considering taking a drive up there just for dinner that night...haven't made a final decision yet.

This is the's called 'The Cellar'...great food!!

We just recently found out that one of the gentleman here at Blackhawk has stage 4 prostate cancer and it's metastasized. Unfortunately the treatment that he is on is experimental so insurance will only pay a small portion. So the campground has been holding several things like bake sales and poker walks...stuff like that to help pay for his treatment. They'll be auctioning off baskets at the end of the month. So, I'm going to make a couple of baskets. I'm actually pretty good at it. Have made a few as gifts before. Just trying to decide on a theme. We have our Motorhome GPS that we really don't need anymore so I was thinking of making a 'travel basket' of some sort. I'm torn between a football theme or maybe a dog theme. (Everyone has dogs here!). He's such a nice guy. Has a smile on his face all the time. He's been in remission three times and has stayed strong through it all. It's turned aggressive and all we can do is pray that the treatment will work. It will be so sad not to see his smiling face here.

We got a letter from my nephew Jared. He's in boot camp right now (Marines). He said it's hard but nothing he didn't expect. He hurt his shoulder and is hoping he doesn't get held back because of it. He would be so disappointed. I sent him back a letter with a lot of positive feedback and some jokes to help keep his spirit up. He's such a good kid and I'm so proud of him!

Well, we're getting ready to pack up and head home in a few. End of another beautiful weekend! Back to the grindstone tomorrow! :-)

Take care and God bless!! :-D

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