Sunday, November 10, 2013

Love this time of year!

This is my favorite time of year! Love the crisp cool air and the colors of the leaves! We usually have a lot going on with birthdays and holidays all mixed in together.

Halloween is over! Been busy and haven't had a chance to post some pics. We didn't go all out this was raining so I didn't put everything out...just simple things. It was enough though that it kept a little girl from coming to the door for candy. Her big brother came and got her candy for her. It was so cute! I think this is the one that got her:

She wouldn't walk past it. We had a 'tween' tell us we still had the best on the block. I was surprised actually, we didn't put out even HALF of what we normally do. But that's cool! Had over 400 pieces of candy with only about 40-50 pieces left. It was a good evening.


The last month or so we spent most weekends with my family. Jared was home from the Marines and we spent every minute we could with him. Celebrated a bunch of birthdays in between all of it. Had such a good time. Now that he's allowed to have a phone and computer access, it's so much easier to stay in contact with him. He had a really hard time leaving though. He had to keep stepping outside to get himself under control. He's very close with the family and it's been the first time he's been away from home. I understood completely since I had gone through the same thing when I left for the Army. We had a long talk and my brother Cory (Army) and his mom (my sis Kelly (Navy), we'd all been through it so we were able to empathize and let him know that it gets easier and that we're all here when it gets tough. I miss him terribly, but at least it's easier to stay in contact with him now.

I got a call from our neice Naomi and nephew Lars on my birthday! Haven't seen them since June. We don't see much of them unfortunately because we kind of avoid their father as much as possible. So we mainly see them at Christmas and on birthdays. We usually pick the kids up and take them out to dinner and maybe a movie then take them shopping. We don't trust their parents enough to give them cash or gift cards. We take them shopping and let them get what they want within a certain dollar limit. It is so fun to watch them pick stuff out because they've gotten very good at figuring out what they want or don't want. We usually allow $50 each for Christmas and $25 each for birthdays. They know how to get the best for their buck. We have a good time with them. They usually spend one or two nights with us then we take them home. They are a handful and they wear us old people out very quickly. They also wear Shiloh out which you would think wasn't possible! We'll probably be seeing them in the next couple weeks or so. We'll see.

I went to the doc and had some blood tests done....because of my drinking and the gastric bypass, the doc was a little concerned I might be anemic. Nope! Almost perfect blood test! My blood pressure was a little high so just to be on the safe side, she put me back on a low dosage of blood pressure medicine. Shouldn't be for too long though. Just gotta get back into healthier eating. Won't be this weekend though! Yesterday made a pot of chili for today's Bear's game and a big pot of beef stew for the week. :-) BUT...I also have a lot of veggies and hummus and stuff like that for wraps and we'll be being good too. ;-)

Getting ready for the game!! Have a wonderful week ya'll!!

Take care and God bless!! :-)


  1. Ditto to all of it, I'll add that the beef stew was awesomesauce and can't wait for the chili today! GO BEARS!

  2. So glad that you got a good report from your doctor. With those meds, you should be able to manage the high blood pressure. Good for you, girl.
    Now....regarding that spider!!
    YIKES!! I wouldn't have walked up to the door either.

    1. lol! I love spiders...drives Erik nuts! When I find them in the house or rig, I try to get them safely outside before Erik sees them...he kills them immediately. Cockroaches on the other hand...I can certainly do without! just EWWW! ;-)