Monday, October 14, 2013


It's been quite a weekend. Our nephew Jared just got home from Marine boot camp. Like OMG!!! We have missed him so much. He looks so good! He's down 15 pounds (which he couldn't really afford to lose...but he still looks good!!!) I couldn't keep my hands off him...(I don't mean that in a weird was more that I just missed him so much and just needed to know he was okay and still in one piece.) I spent most of Saturday night with him and he kept going 'Aunt Ronnie...we have to spend every minute we can together before I head back out...he wants Aunt Ronnie's cookin and Aunt Ronnie and Uncle Erik's company over the next few weekends.

We're workin it out as much as we can! Uncle Erik and I are so proud, there just isn't enough words!!! Tyler, his older brother, is in the Navy and doing very well and his younger brother Nick is heading for the Army in another year or so. Don't have the date yet for him...but he's been through the recruiting process...just has to finish it up. Just totally SWELLING with pride!!!

We just finished packing up the RV and got the it over to the dealer to take care of some small problems and for storage. Gonna miss our weekend trips, but it's okay....we have plenty to do at home.

I spent yesterday (Sunday) with my parents for part of the morning and afternoon..(we watched 'Thor' and went out for lunch. They loved the movie and are borrowing 'The Avengers' to watch this week.

So, I'm going to be making chili and meatloaf for Jared this week, then we're probably gonna go to a movie and just hang out. I know the time is going to fly. He's going infantry and my heart is in my throat but it's what he wants. You GO my Jaredbobared! You're our hero and I know you have our backs!!

Take care and God bless!!

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  1. So proud of Jared.
    Thank you, Jared, for the service to our country. I am always honored to be able to say thank you to someone like you.
    Ronda...I'm so glad that you are being able to spend some sweet time with your nephew. Enjoy....
    Hugs to you,