Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi All! :-)

It's been quite a while since I've blogged.  I really need to get back into this. 

I had my gastric bypass surgery on March 13th.  I came back to work yesterday (March 26th)...and I'm tiiired!  Erik has been keeping me up to date with his blog and the kind responses from everyone concerning my surgery and all I can say is Thank you!  The hard part is over...now on to healing and going forward with a healthier lifestyle.  For me and hubby!! 

I've had pretty much a year of thinking and contemplating and crying and seeing my nutritionist and psychologist along with family and friends that were both supportive and undecided.  (Or even worse...extremely opinionated without doing any research or just hearing from a 'friend of a friend' how this or that didn't work). 

During this past year, I've learned that sometimes you just have to do what you feel is right...in your gut!  (lol...figuratively and literally in this case! :-) ).  This wasn't an easy decision to come by.  Yes, I've heard of the nightmares and complications in some cases.  I've heard of people dropping the weight, then in time, gaining it back.  (Singer Carnie Wilson for one example had the gastric bypass, lost the weight, gained it back and is now having the lap-band done).  She admits that she went back to her old ways.  I've been finding out more and more that people that go through this have not followed up on what they are supposed to do.  This includes counseling, support groups, exercising and of course, eating healthy. 

I know a person who is a friend of the family that went through the gastric bypass just a few months ago and she is now at a point that she can pretty much eat whatever she can tolerate.  She's dropping weight regardless of what she eats and she is gloating to everyone how thin she is getting and can eat whatever she wants.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!  Right now, she's like in a honeymoon phase.  Once she hits the end of that, if she continues at the rate she's going, she's going to gain all her weight back.  She hasn't gone to any follow-up appointments with her doctor, she isn't taking her vitamins, she's doing nothing she's supposed to do.

I just don't understand how anyone can go through the psychological classes, all the testing, and the surgery (including the pain afterwards), basically being on a liquid to soft food diet for almost two months and spend almost $30k (depending on your insurance coverage) and not at least make an attempt to follow-up on everything you've just gone through.  It's one thing to go on a diet and maybe not follow through with that...this is something completely different.  I understand that the surgery is just a tool to help you, but it's a MAJOR life-changing tool!

I know I might have some setbacks in the future and I know I have to be careful.  Like right now...the smell of food, ANY FOOD, makes me drool...but I can't eat it.  I know I'll go through my own 'honeymoon' phase, I just have to make sure that I go to my classes with the psychologist and to the support group and talk online to people going through the same thing.  I have to do this!  It's vital to my life now!  My biggest fear these last few years is that I would have a stroke or drop from a heart attack.  I don't want to do that to my husband if I can help it.  I love him too much!  I have to start loving myself now. 

Speaking of hubby...he has been absolutely AWESOME during this whole thing and I have so much to be grateful for.  Thank you Erik for loving me and standing by me through everything.  I love you honey!  ;-)


  1. Hon, you said the one thing thats the most important. You have to love YOU to be able to go through all of this and I think finally you are starting to.

    Your attitude is different, you smile much more now and I can see the changes taking effect. Not just the weight coming off, thats the physical part and a benefit for sure. The biggest change I have seen is the attitude change and it's so nice to see.

    We both have to start caring about the future and I think that's happening. I now look forward to the future with a smile on my face where I think before we were just somber about it. I hope that makes sense.

    Love you too honey,


  2. I will never go thru a bypass operation, but I struggle with food and weight issues all of the time. Fifteen years ago I had a "tummy tuck" because I had terrible scaring from some abdominal surgery, and muscle damage from bearing a very large baby. After that I also lost a bunch of weight, and felt invincible. But gradually my eating habits deteriorated and I regained pounds in other places. Flat tummy, but bulging arms and thighs!

    The pain was worth it however since my abdominal muscles were repaired and that gave new strength to my back. Don't have any lower back pain anymore!

    The honeymoon is a wonderful time, but eventually you will just have to watch what you eat. You will because you are a strong woman!

    I am on a new push to regain a healthy eating lifestyle. It is not always easy, but I have been slowly losing a couple of pounds each week.

    Good luck to us all. Keep blogging, it can help you stay on track!

    (But get rid of the word verification. Everyone else has while you were gone.)

  3. Thanks Merikay...I didn't know I had it on. (Word verification).

    Nothing is easy is it?!? I guess it depends on each individual person and how bad they want something. I honestly don't know if I'm going to succeed, but I'm going to do the best I can.

    Good luck to you!! :-)

  4. I had the gastric bypass too!! on the 7th feb. It has been really hard. Have not drooled over food, can't find anything that even sounds good to me!! Am struggling to get the protein i need. Am at the point where i can eat anything i can tolerate. Can't tolerate chicken, used to eat alot of chicken, am mourning chicken, poor chicken. Really like tilapia (fish) Can keep that down. Getting nausea is NOT fun :( Sounds like u are going at this with the right attitude! Am still going to the support groups, they offer much info and :) support!!!
    Take Care

    1. Hi Luci...I was told by a friend about your blog and wanted to see how things were going with you so far. Today is two weeks post surgery for me. I'm eating soft foods like mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, baby food fruits...stuff like that. I get nauseous when I get out of the shower or when I drive or when I don't eat every 2-3 hours. I have no idea how it's going to get as the weeks go on, but right now it's tolerable. I'm not really what you would call hungry...I'm just making sure I eat so I don't throw up. :-( The smell of food though is kinda making me crazy! What I have more of a problem with is the smell of coffee. That makes me a little nauseous and I'm a coffee lover!! I'm also having problems with getting enough water in me. I can't do any more than sip or it comes right back up. Right now, that's the worst of it.
      Well Luci, I'm heading to bed, but I'm definitely going to keep track of how you're doing. Good luck to you!!! I really hope it gets better.

    2. Oh my...
      My apologies to you Loree. I saw the name Luci first and thought that was you. I won't make that mistake again. :-)

  5. Had part of a pork chop tonight & it stayed and did not have the stomach crampy thing later, so am happy. t is just try, try again. Kudos to u for going back to work. Don't know how u did that!!! Have not felt really decent until last week.

    1. Yeah, it's going to be another week before I even attempt meat. I like creamed corn so I just blend it a little more and put it in with my mashed potatoes. That's been working well for me. I also like refried beans and mexican food is my favorite. They had mexican food for lunch on Monday at work (and leftovers on Tuesday). I was like craving something...ANYTHING mexican. So, I took some refried beans, ricotta cheese and little milk and blended that. Added a little mild hot sauce and it was really good. Had that for a couple of days. Like I said...so far, haven't had a problem with food. It's been movement that sets off the nausea with me.
      I'm sorry that u haven't been feeling better. That sucks! I don't know that I was really ready to come back to work to be honest...but since I just sit at a desk I figured I'd be okay. The drive is the worst part for me. It's about a 45min to an hour drive to work and from, so that hasn't been easy for with the nausea thing. Other than that, just a little tired. I'm just taking it day by day and I do feel stronger each day. Just trying not to push too hard. It'll get better. :-)

  6. I'm so glad that you are feeling well enough to post Ronda! And I can't picture Erik being anything but awesome from the way he talks about you.
    I know two people, very well, that went through this surgery at least a year ago. They are both doing EXCELLENTLY, and look so good and healthy. One of them works out fairly regularly. The other walks a lot. The change is unbelievable. My husband didn't even recognize the one lady at the store one day! And we've known them for ten years!!!
    So good for you. I think you'll do just fine and I'm pretty sure Erik makes a great cheerleader, although picturing him as a cheerleader is kind of funny!!
    Glad you are back. Love Di ♥

    1. lol...thanks Diana! I'm always glad to hear positive stories. Erik has been great! You're right...he does make a great cheerleader...pompoms and all! :-)